The problem
Nobody seems to be sure, which data he is sharing with which user. »Glou« helps to organize the content you share in order to create an authentic appearence in the social web. 
»Glou« is a Social Graph controlling App. A Social Graph depicts personal relations of internet users and has been referred to as »the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related«. 

The user experience
»Glou« visualizes these complex connections and relations in a simple an appealing way by sorting your contacts into groups which are customizable and determine who can see what kind of content. »Glou« learns constantly in order to devide following new contacts into useful groups.

The work process
»Glou« is a conceptual design work, which focuses on the complexity of information design and challenges of mobile design.​​​​​​​ 
With the help of design thinking methods for product development like the product field we figured out what the problems of web 2.0 are and how we could solve them. In November 2018, a few months after our project, Instagram released the feature to share stories with custom groups.
What I have learned: design thinking methods for product development ( and ​​​​​​​to structure complex content​​​​​​​
In collaboration with Felix Zepke and Marcel Wroblewski at the course »desire, relation, love, digital« by Prof. Kabel in wintersemester 2017/18.
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