Hello! I'm Paulina Porten, a passionated Interaction Designer and Creative Technologist. I finished my communication design studies at HAW Hamburg (University of Applied Sciences) in March 2020. Within the last years I have focused on 3D-printing and Augmented Reality.

I am driven by the idea that, as a designer, I can influence the world significantly and contribute to the improvement of social grievances. At the same time I am keenly interested in the technological progress that will decisively change our future lives. Both passions lead me to think about an appropriate and responsible use of these technologies to shape a "social" future.

I am working as a freelancer and always looking for possibilties to increase my knowledge and design. When I am not designing and improving the world, I try to free myself from a stranglehold during Krav-Maga training or breathe deeply during yoga.
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