Probierladen Jena
The cooperation with vhs Jena and Smart City
As part of the Smart City Initiative, the vhs Jena is planning to set up a »​​​​​​​Probierladen« (engl. trial shop) that will provide citizens with low-threshold access to digital technologies.
As part of my research work in the Service Design department at Köln International School of Design, I worked with Katja Trinkwalder on a three-month research project to support the planning phase of this project and develop recommendations for action and concept ideas.

The concept
The project, which is scheduled to start at the end of 2023, is aimed primarily at adults, older people, families with children, and young people who have little or no access to digitalization. The planned »​​​​​​​Probierladen« is to be a permanent location in downtown Jena, supplemented by a mobile version where various technologies can be presented, explained and tried out. The project was developed using a service design approach that focuses on identifying the needs of the target group and translating them into actionable recommendations.
This research project was conducted from September - December 2022 by the Service Design department at the Köln International School of Design/TH Köln in cooperation with vhs Jena and Smart City Jena.
KISD: Prof. Birgit Mager, Katja Trinkwalder and Paulina Porten
vhs Jena: Dr. Angela Anding and Christian Ziege
smart city: Stefanie Teichmann and Jan Wischolek
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